International Jury Cupping Score



Ka‘ū District,
Big Island


1800 feet
above sea level

Lot Size

86 pounds

Winning Bidder

man standing among coffee trees

Farm History

Cory and Connie Koi have operated their farm in the Clouds Rest area near Pahala for 5 years. Coming off of a 27-year career as a Police Sergeant with Hawaii County Police Department, Cory and Connie have expanded from their initial 5-acre farm to managing 33 acres in Ka’ū.

Washed Ka’ū Maragogype

Maragogype is a variety of Arabica coffee, also known as “elephant coffee beans”, which shows with their large size in comparison to other Arabica coffee beans.

This Ka’u Maragogype was hand-picked, then processed using the classic washed fermentation process. The result is a clean, refreshing cup with the citrus notes that high elevation Ka’ū coffees are known for.