International Jury Cupping Score



Ka‘ū District,
Big Island


2,000 feet
above sea level

Estimated Lot Size

89 pounds

Winning Bidder

green coffee in bags

Farm History

With roots in coffee farming from El Salvador, Jose and Berta Miranda both started their coffee journey in Hawaii as coffee and macadamia nut pickers. In 2006 they realized their dream, and the Miranda Family – along with their four children Maria, Ana, Carlos, and Gabriel – started Miranda Farms, a 10 acre plot in the Clouds Rest area near Pahala. That farm eventually expanded to 20 acres, and in 2018 Jose and Berta expanded to a second location: a 20-acre farm, sitting at 2000 foot elevation near the South Point region of the Ka’ū District.

Anaerobic Washed Yellow Caturra

This lot comes from their South Point farm, which is mostly planted with the Red Catuai variety but also has a small patch of Yellow Caturra. These trees are highly productive in the cool, misty environment here and have excellent acidity.
This coffee was pulped immediately after harvest and then fermented in sealed bags for 4 days with the addition of a white wine yeast strain (Saccromyces cervesiae) to help develop more citrus and tropical fruit notes in the coffee.