International Jury Cupping Score



Kona District,
Hawaii Island


2,500 feet
above sea level

Estimated Lot Size

101 pounds (1 bag of 50 lbs, 1 bag of 51 lbs)

Winning Bidder

Sarutahiko Coffee Inc.

Noelani Farm

Located in the Holualoa area, Noelani Coffee Farm is one of the Kona District’s highest-elevation farms. Its owner (who prefers to remain anonymous) planted two acres of what was thought to be Kona Typica trees in 2018. Kraig Lee of Kona Farm Direct, the current manager of Noelani, added an acre of the K7 variety in 2020.

Recently, Noelani’s original plantings have been genetically identified by World Coffee Research as K7, not Typica.

Noelani’s yeast-fermented, anaerobic washed K7 took 15th place in this auction.

Yeast-Fermented, Anaerobic, Washed K7

This lot was hand harvested on December 9, 2000. Lee processed this coffee at Kona Farm Direct’s wet mill, using an Estrada Pulper from Colombia to pulp these coffee cherries. They were inoculated with a wine-yeast strain selected by Isla Custom Coffees’ Miguel Meza to produce tropical fruit and citrus flavors. After fermenting in an anaerobic environment, the coffee initially was dried on a covered rooftop patio. It was finished in a mechanical dryer designed and built by Lee.