International Jury Cupping Score



Ka‘u District,
Hawaii Island


2,300 feet
above sea level

Estimated Lot Size

107 pounds (1 bag of 50 lbs, 1 bag of 57 lbs)

Winning Bidder

List + Beisler GmbH

Ka'u Mountain Couple

In 2001, Dennis Albert acquired Ka‘u Mountain Farm. Its 12 acres are located in the remote and peaceful Wood Valley on the southeastern slope of Mauna Loa volcano. Farm managers Ruslan Kuznetsov and Alla Kostenko have been maintaining its day-to-day operations since 2018.
The farm’s primary varieties are Typica and Caturra, with a small patch of Geisha trees planted in 2019.

Coffees grown by Ka‘u Mountain have received ratings of 92 points (roasted by Kona Roasted) and 93 points (roasted by Big Island Coffee Roasters) in Coffee Review. Ka’u Mountain’s yeast-fermented, anaerobic washed Typica took 12th place in this auction.

Yeast-Fermented, Anaerobic Washed Typica

This lot was hand harvested in late October 2020. The cherries were pulped with a Penagos pulper. The wet parchment was inoculated with yeast and fermented in an anaerobic environment. This coffee’s initial drying was done on raised screens, and then it was finished in a Penagos mechanical dryer. After about one-and-a-half months of resting, the coffee was milled and screened to 16+ size.