International Jury Cupping Score



Kona District,
Hawaii Island


2,200 feet
above sea level

Estimated Lot Size

200 pounds (4 bags of 50 lbs)

Winning Bidder

MUSEO Co., Ltd.
liike coffee
Songdo Coffee

Aloha Hills Kona Coffee has been growing and milling coffee since 2005. It fully owns and manages one farm planted with Kona Typica and Maragogype. In addition, Aloha Hills’ owners partially own and manage two other Kona coffee farms. Currently, Aloha Hills tends more than 120 acres of Kona coffee.

In addition to farming, Aloha Hills operates a wet and dry coffee mill. This operation handles all the coffee from the acreage it manages. It also provides custom processing and milling for other coffee farmers.

Aloha Hills has been recognized multiple times for the farms it manages. Twice, its coffees have received first-place awards at the Kona Coffee Cupping Competition — one in 2011’s Kona Classic Division, the other in 2017’s Artisanal Division. Its coffees also have won first place in the 2014 and 2016 Hawaii Coffee Association’s statewide cupping competition, commercial division. In Coffee Review, its Maragogype has earned 93+ scores as roasted by Rusty’s Hawaiian and Miguel Meza’s Paradise Coffee Roasters. (Together, the Rusty’s Hawaiian partners and Meza also co-own Isla Custom Coffees.) Aloha Hills has two coffees in this auction.

Washed Kona Maragogype (Dry Fermentation, Plus Rinse)

This lot was hand picked in November 2020. Immediately after harvest, the cherry was pulped on an Estrada pulper, then the wet coffee parchment was dry fermented overnight. The next morning, the wet parchment was rinsed and spread out on a patio to sun dry. After drying, this lot rested for more than two months, then was milled and screened to 19+ size.